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Friday, November 6, 2009

Handmade Holidays

As a kid I remember my mom cleaning the house on Saturday mornings with the windows open and Shawn Colvin blaring on the stereo. Every weekend, as a family, we had to spend a few hours cleaning house before any fun could begin. I suppose, to my mom, kids were cheap labor. For ten bucks she could get me (and my friends) to do things that she probably couldn't hire a cleaning lady to do for a hundred... It had to be a real bargain.

But, as much as I dreaded cleaning day, when we worked together, it really never took us very long to get a clean house and get out the door. Now, I have to admit, I still wake up on Saturday mornings and, after putting on my ratty jeans and a t-shirt, set out to finish the laundry, vacuum, and then clean the kitchen and the bathroom. However, without a house full of little rug-rats to set to cleaning for you, the tasks tend to take quite a deal longer...

You would think that without the rug-rats there would be LESS TO CLEAN, and it would all just even out, but no, cleaning up after my husband and his bachelor brother, is practically a full-time job. So, needless to say, I was astonished when, come Friday night, I had managed to finish all the laundry (yes, even put it all away), vacuum, and clean the kitchen!

So, Saturday morning, all that was left to do was clean the bathroom, and then sit back, relax, and do anything I wanted.... Sure, I could have spent the time wisely, getting ahead on any number of projects and so forth, but instead I just made myself a hot cup of cocoa and curled up in front of my computer to do some"window shopping" at

I came across a few truly splendid items that would be perfect for making any of your holiday festivities creatively handmade and exciting!
I just had to share....
(Just click on any of the images to jump to that featured item on ETSY...)

First of all, I just adore these little paper acorn parcels. These sweet little nuts would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table, to share treats with your guests and bring a smile to your family! The shop owner is Jessica Wolf; artist, wife, nature-lover and smartypants. All of her designs are one-of-a-kind, and she offers personal customization and bulk discounts!
How cool is that?

Next were these tangerine and chocolate linen place mats. The color scheme is right up my alley, and aren't they just perfect for any upcoming autumn dinner parties....say Thanksgiving...?
And, if you like these, the KainKain Shop has many more modern, contemporary and affordable items in home decor!

Finally, just before leaving, I stumbled upon these incredibly unique little wine glass charms. These handmade bottle cap charm's are a fabulous way to accessorize and identify your wine glass, martini glass etc. Beautiful and unique, these little accessories are a great way to add a bit of vintage-inspired flair to all of your social gatherings! Find more of Tiffini Elektra's artwork, jewelry and apparel at her shop, tartx.

Happy Monday!!

Shawn Colvin - One Cool Remove
Shawn Colvin - Steady On


Tiffini Elektra X said...

How very sweet of you to mention my store and charms. . .you rock and you made my day!
Also, loving that smoothie receipe above must try that one! Have a lovely rest of the night! Xo, Tiffini Elektra X

Grace A. Kratzer said...

Tiffini - I am so glad that I could have a small part in making your day so exciting! :-D Best Wishes!

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